ANST-Announce - Last date to post mark a registration

Ladyarabella ladyarabella at
Wed Jan 31 06:10:51 PST 2001

Greetings to you all,
I am speaking for Sir Pendaran and all the other Regional Deputies for Land
Allocation at GulfWar.

Today is the *last day* to post mark a registration for Gulf War.  If you
haven't yet, please do, fill out your check and send it with the filled out
form for pre-registration found at .  This is the way to
have land reserved for your group.  We were very cramped last year.......
let's not have that again!

If you have any questions please contact

West: Centurion Britta MacGregor (thebrutely1 at
Central: Lady Arabella deMontacute(ladyarabella at
Coastal: Sir Alexis La Bueche (drwise at
Northern & Southern: Sir Pendaran Glamorgan (twinoak at

See you at the War!


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