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Tue Apr 2 17:49:47 PST 2002

but shouldnt katie's marrage have been arraged first???  though if i
remember correctly linda's son will (3 years old) told his mother that HE
was going to marry katie....though nothing has, as of yet been committed to
scroll.  grin.  fostering......id forgotten about that.  too many girls in
my family i guess.  grin.  any offers to foster him out there?????  giggle

-joy midkiff
simon orom

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>Congratulations M'Lady!
>Now, where will the fostering be and to whom should we plan to betroth him
>with? These things must be decided before his 5th year!*LOL*
>Having one of each, with a girl older than the boy, I can only hope your
>joy and pride will be as great as mine has been for the last 21 (eeegads!
>has it been THAT long?!) years.
>May the Blessings of Mother Earth, Father God and all Beings of Light and
>Love be upon you and yours!
>Carpe Diem Ex Illo Vitae Opprime!
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