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Lochlann . giervald at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 3 21:54:10 PST 2002

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    Hello all.  Me again.
    Lochlann, not Tuffy (if you don't know, don't ask)

      I have been asked (smacked around, bullied, brow-beaten into) *grin* to
run the brewing\vinting competition at Raven's Fort's "Day at the
etc.........." on April 27th. (my personal suggestion was "Day with the
Horde")   *sigh*

      This is great, this is wonderful, this is .......going to be
interesting.  I only have a few small......snafoos to work out:

      1) What time is the Brew/Vint Competition taking place?

      2) Where will it be held?

             -the Tavern? (with permission, of course) -The End of The World?
(my campsite) -the A&S tent? (which would be quite ...colorful)   -the archery
range?  -the listfield?  -on the back of a wagon drawn by two drunken oxen?
(my personal favorite) .......the possibilities are endless.

       3) Who can I con....uh....convince, yeah, to help judge?

             -I want to have, if possible, three judges.  Cedric Einerson has
volunteered to be one. (I assume that still stands?  -L)  I still need two
others.  And, no....I'm not judging, I'm just arranging all this. I don't know
a boch(sp?) from an ale from a short beer.  (I'm fairly sure it doesn't
involve midgets, but who knows with brewers these days)

        4) And aside fom all the rest I need, most importantly.....ENTRIES!!!

            -In other words:  if you're a brewer and/or vinter and you've
brewed and/or vinted(?) and you have a brew and\or vint(!?) on hand,  ENTER
            -Be warned, if I find out that you are a brewer and\or vinter and
you have a brew and\or vint and you have not entered said brew and\or vint, I
will be left with no choice but to call out the Thug Squad and...well...it
won't be pretty. (if anybody knows our large, and most recent Hired-Thug
candidate, Frank, you know you should be afraid)

       So please, help us save the cattle (Frank gets hungry after Thugging)
and enter your brew and\or vint at Raven's Fort's "Day in the Court of the
Great Khan".(did I get it right?)

    -fulfilling both of my earlier promises (silly comments, pleas for help)


    "Better a lite beer than an empty keg."  -Gorn's words of wisdom

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