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Sat Apr 6 16:01:33 PST 2002

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*SNAP*                                          *CRASH!* (as of a dark heavy
door bursting)

I THINK.............                                         uh yeah ...

what she said                            mmhmm        white to red .....

black                                                          but well done.

not so smooth as to go unoticed                 if,
i'm not wrong.

but i could be........

amptgard practice will be in the raven's pond park at the elves gazebo....

boffer practice sca style ish demo by ferret and rat the elven flankers.

spectators welcome                        i will be stopping by georges gazebo
to say hello

and display a few new old works ....

safe journeys

>From: "Beth Atchley"
>Reply-To: ravensfort at ansteorra.org
>To: ravensfort at ansteorra.org
>Subject: RE: [Ravensfort] Recent Postings
>Date: Sat, 6 Apr 2002 17:02:50 -0500 (EST)
> Dear friends and fellow Raven's Forters,
> I normally do not post to this list, but I read every posting. I have been
moved by recent postings and subsequent actions to respond.
> I would like to begin by saying that I do not feel any animosity towards any
of the people involved, I count most of them as close friends and hope this
will still be the case after my comments.
> I will begin with my perceptions of how things unfolded. Please feel free to
correct me if I have misunderstood (politely if possible if not I can take
that too):
>1. Banter and camaraderie was taking place. "E-bonding "if you will, the kind
of thing that connects us as a Barony and helps to salve old wounds.
>2. Marius was participating in kind when someone seemed to say that she had
had to videos stolen from her house (she could have loaned them out and they
did not come home, she did not specify), and he offered some advice.
>3. Kief responded professing his agreement. I was surprised that he had
responded to Marius' comment in light of their falling-out, but I took his
words at face value: an attempt to participate in the exchange.
>4. Marius responded as if he had been offended. Confused, I reread Kief's
posting and realized that it could be interpreted as sarcastic. If this was
Kief's intention it was unnecessary and uncalled for and Marius was perfectly
justified in being offended (not in responding publicly). At this point Marius
had said nothing on the list that could be seen as a dig at Kief. Marius even
tried to maintain this bantering tone to a certain extent.
>5. Then Lorraine posted the most personal and venomous comment of the whole
exchange. Marius knows how she and Kief feel and it is not necessary for her
to rub his nose in it while insinuating that the rest of the members of the
list feel likewise.
>6. At this point things exploded into the childish and petty name calling
that we as a barony have become used to from 2 grown men who in times past
have given their utmost to this Barony.
>As for the disciplinary action that was taken by Clarissima, I think that it
shows bias. I personally feel that the punishments were applied inversely to
the offense. A verbal warning is too light for Lorraine's venomous comment and
6 months is too harsh for Marius defending himself. I feel it would be better
to apply a 1-month ban across the board.
>Thank you for listening,
>Amalasuintha Sweinbrothar

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