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Charley Atchley Charley at lcc.net
Sun Apr 7 06:27:24 PDT 2002

OOPS! That last posting was supposed to be private.

But while I am on the subject several people compose their e-mail in HTML
format. This list is set to convert those to text. This keeps people from
sending viruses. When it does the conversion it puts "[ Converted text/html
to text/plain ]" at the top to let you know it has happened. This also
strips all formatting out of the letter.

To make this stop you have to change the format of the letter to "Plain
Text" before you send it. On my e-mail program I do that in the "Format"

Charley Atchley

You got to be very careful if you don't know where you're going, because you
might not get there. --Yogi Berra

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