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i didn't. , it's clearer now thanks lorraine.

i still have a problem with culative punishments though....

i don't like em, smacks too much of getting punished for past misdeeds

never did like em . always got bit in me arse online by em meself. *smile*

thanks again though
So Mote it be,
safe journeys
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>Date: Mon, 8 Apr 2002 10:12:42 -0700 (PDT)
> > As for the disciplinary action that was taken by Clarissima, I think that
it shows bias. I
> > personally feel that the punishments were applied inversely to the
offense. A verbal warning is
> > too light for Lorraine's venomous comment and 6 months is too harsh for
Marius defending
> > himself. I feel it would be better to apply a 1-month ban across the
> >
>If you read the archives for September...the rules were posted then
>and the punishments for breaking those rules were clear...
>first offense - verbal warning
>second offense - one month suspension of list priviledges
>third offense - six month suspension of list priviledges
>fourth offense - permanent suspension of priviledges...
>all cumluative...
>this was my first offense...
>kief's second
>and marius' third...
>we all knew the score...we all were told previously...
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