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Tue Apr 9 11:35:53 PDT 2002

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why? because of social politics.          more than three = group

group = politics

simple really.         now after lorraine's informative post i understand the

and it's now the policy i have a problem with....

cumulative punishmnets are like the sword of damokles (sp?)

they tend to hang over the head and stab you later for something you do today.

i say if you do a thing punish then and be done with it.

loss of posting to be used in ONLY the most extreme of cases

and 6 months is too long period...               half a year?

screw that one month for venomous e mails is plenty long enough for someone to
cool off

6 months is long enough for someone to say screw  the sca.

it's just too long period                   ever.

if it warrents half a year             bann em permanantly (sp?)

but be damn sure it's worth it...

a month is long enough to get calm or get  gone.

even for me.
So Mote it be,
safe journeys

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