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Sat Mar 9 17:00:59 PST 2002

Well, seeing as we are on the cusp of War, and your initial mailing was
late on a Friday evening, it is quite possible no one answered because
they are not home or not reading email.  That is pretty usual for SCA,
don't you think?  I avoid it on weekends if possible, seeing as I am on
all during the week, but you are lucky enough that I logged in today. :)
This post (yours) is from the morning of, so I am guessing everyone that
was still in town was at the site and unable to respond to your post (I
never read email before work... I'm not that attached. ;)).

Work weekend was today, and is probably over by now.  Sorry I did not
think to read email earlier, or I could have answered your question.
Anyone that wants to work tomorrow should arrange with Kief to get the
key, as the "official" work was today only.  I ended up putting in a
fencepost and fixing a gate at home today, and trying to find concrete
was a challenge on short notice (is everyone putting in fences this
weekend?), so I don't know much more about what happened today.

I hope this answers your question. :)


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> Was the work weekend canceled ???   Do we have any officers or royals
>that check their email and bother to answer questions form the populace

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