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AMH/DBLJ orthart at earthlink.net
Sat Mar 9 22:45:46 PST 2002

Yes, the second thing I suggested in my 11:AM-ish email was that no one was
reading their email.  The first was cancellation because I was surprised
that on the only work weekend in March that no one had made any
informational post and no one was checking their email to see if there were
any questions for those in the know.  A personal email response that I have
received suggested that it could be a case of "the ol' selective response
thing" but I'm sure that is not true for most individuals.  Magnus had
called me on Friday to talk about the event, but was not sure about the
work weekend noting the rainy weather. Your suggestion that I "should
arrange with Kief" is not workable as he has restricted his accessibility
and it excludes me.

This is the first I've heard that "the "official" work was today only".
The only "official" post I've seen on the subject was from Clarissima made
on Monday, 4 Feb 2002 with the following announcement.
"At the business meeting in January, the following days
were set as site work days.  These are to be used as
general site work and preparation for Day at the Court
of the Great Kahn.
February 15-17
March 8-10
April 12-14
April 21"

There must be a breakdown somewhere.  I can't help feeling like a
mushroom.  There seems to be a lack of light and a funny smell.  (not ha ha
funny)  Oh well.

In service to light,

jacinth wrote:

> Well, seeing as we are on the cusp of War, and your initial mailing was
> late on a Friday evening, it is quite possible no one answered because
> they are not home or not reading email.  That is pretty usual for SCA,
> don't you think?  I avoid it on weekends if possible, seeing as I am on
> all during the week, but you are lucky enough that I logged in today. :)
> This post (yours) is from the morning of, so I am guessing everyone that
> was still in town was at the site and unable to respond to your post (I
> never read email before work... I'm not that attached. ;)).
> Work weekend was today, and is probably over by now.  Sorry I did not
> think to read email earlier, or I could have answered your question.
> Anyone that wants to work tomorrow should arrange with Kief to get the
> key, as the "official" work was today only.  I ended up putting in a
> fencepost and fixing a gate at home today, and trying to find concrete
> was a challenge on short notice (is everyone putting in fences this
> weekend?), so I don't know much more about what happened today.
> I hope this answers your question. :)
> -Jacinth-
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> > Was the work weekend canceled ???   Do we have any officers or royals
> >that check their email and bother to answer questions form the populace
> >???
> >
> >Marius
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