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TOO COOL!!! ...thanks jacinth


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>Something that just floated into my inbox that I thought others might
>be interested in....
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>Dress Accessories
>Medieval Finds from Excavations in London
>Dear Colleagues,
>Boydell & Brewer is pleased to announce the summer reissue of _Dress
>Accessories_.  This is the third volume in the series Medieval Finds
>from Excavations in London and is an invaluable sourcebook, documenting
>the discoveries of items of medieval dress accessories in London.
>Discussing over two thousand brooches, rings, buckles, pendants etc.
>this is a book that will appeal to the general reader as well as the
>dress historian and archaeologist.  Appearing in hardback for
>$60/35GBP, this book is heavily illustrated in color and black and
>Dress Accessories will be available in July.  We encourage you to place
>your orders now and be put on back order.  When the book becomes
>available, it will be shipped to you immediately.
>Boydell & Brewer is also pleased to announce the forthcoming
>publication of _Heraldry, Pageantry and Social Display in Medieval
>England_, edited by Peter Coss and Maurice Keen.
>Social display, studied seriously for the first time, is discussed
>through a range of artifacts including monumental effigies, brasses,
>jewels, seals, coins etc.  Well illustrated in color and black and
>white, this volume addresses a series of interrelated themes around the
>issue of display.  Also available in July for $70.00/45GBP.
>The discount schedule for both books is as follows:
>1-4 copies 20%
>5 or more 40%
>20 or more 45%
>50 or more 50%
>If you would like additional information about these title or any of the
>titles in the Medieval Finds from Excavations in London series, please
>visit our website at: http://www.boydell.co.uk/LIVING1.HTM, or email me
>at krispayne at compuserve.com.
>I look forward to receiving your orders!
>Kristin Payne
>Sales/Marketing Manager
>Boydell & Brewer
>668 Mt. Hope Ave., Rochester NY 14620
>P: (585) 275-0419 * F: (585) 271-8778
>email: krispayne at compuserve.com
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