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thank you so much for forwarding this stuff.  ive been putting off writing
that essay and needed to get to it and now i cant use the weather (going to
the library) as an excuse.  ya i know, im lazy and being in my seventh month
now im dizzy and absent minded too!!!!  grin.

-orom (joy)

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>  Here are some links Jacinth sent me about Mongol stuff on the web.
>Thanks Jacinth!!!!!
>   jacinth <jacinth at mail.ev1.net> wrote: Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2002 13:33:37
>From: "jacinth"
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>Subject: Mongol link list
>Some of these sites I had trouble getting to recently, and on a few the
>picture links are broken, but I thought the text info might be worth
>using. The site I was refering to at Populace is the Buryat Traditional
>Costume site... not necessarily the period we were looking, but there
>is longstanding tradition for lot of it. Feel free to pass it along
>if you think any of it is worth it.
>Buryat Traditional Costume
>The Mongolian Nationality
>Demonstrations: Felt Boots
>Mongolian (NL)
>Lots of Mongolian links.
>National Costumes of the Mongolian People's Republic
>Mongolia Today: Traditional Clothes
>Nadaam Festival
>Picture of a Wealthy Buryat Man and Wife
>Korean Traditional Dress
>Interesting explanation of change in dress due to Korea becoming a
>vasal state of Mongolia.
>An Introduction to China
>A summary of the different dynasties.
>Mongolian Clothing
>Has a couple of links to Kerij-e's pages but the site is not responding.
>Archive of "Making a Medieval Del"
>A lot of the picture links are broken, but you might find some useful info.
>Archive of "Chinese Knot Buttons and Fasteners"
>Another archived page from above site.
>Chinese Knotting Home Page
>East Asian History Sourcebook: Chinese Accounts of Rome, Byzantium and
>the Midle East, c. 91 B.C.E. - 1643 C.E.
>Intelligence Activities
>Interesting article about "Clandestine Activities of Mun Ik-jom in
>Introducing Cotton Seeds from China to the Koryo Dynasty".
>When Silk was Gold
>Museum exhibit about Asian and Chinese Textiles.
>The Mongolian Ethnic Minority
>Stefan's Florilegium: Mongols
>Mongol Women
>Work and Travel in Eastern Europe: The Mongols
>Modar's Mongol Site
>Marco Polo: At the Court of Kublai Khan
>Mongolia Links
>In Spanish, but most reputable online translators can handle it.
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