[Ravensfort] Mini tourney...and Crown Report

Kief av Kiersted sirkief at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 25 10:56:19 PST 2002

Heilsa all...

I wish I could have been here for the mini-tourney... However, I was on the
road back from Crown Tournament.

My traveling companions were His Excellency Niklas, Mistress Lorraine, and
Centurion John Peregrine out of Middleford/Ft Hood.

Arriving in Crossrode Keep we were all great warmly and with great
hospitality. The day was cool and quite windy. There were 23 entrants into
the Crown Lists including 13 Knights of the Realm. The fighting was
highlighted by the exploits of Centurion Erasmus...who defeated yours truly
in the first round, the Duke Jean Rischard in the second and then was
*narrowly* defeated by the Duke Patrick Michael...who then proclaimed to all
and sundry the Erasmus was, in his eyes, a Knight of the Realm...much to the
delight of the populace! Expect much from Erasmus in the future...

The fighting was wonderful and very clean...and there was Honor and Chivalry
to spare from all the entrants.

In the end....

The Duke, Patrick Michael Gordon, took the final bout fighting against the
Jarl, Timo Michaelsson. In a series of bouts that saw a double kill in the
third bout...the fourth and deciding bout, in a long fight, saw the Duke
victorious. This will be Patrick and Julia's fifth time as Ansteorran Crown.

All Hail the Heirs....!

I attended a Chivalry Circle for a lively discussion of various matters that
lasted two hours including the welcome of His Grace, the Duke Gareth of the
West visiting our Kingdom for a time. That finished some of us fared forth
back to the lists for some good pickup fighting. we fought until there were
no more comers and the sun was setting behind the hills.

In Court...a very short Court...(so short that I missed the danged
thing!)...the Crown asked Randall der Creiger to contemplate accepting the
accolade of Knighthood or Mastery of Arms at Steppes Warlord. Randall was
very moved by this question as the crowd cheered...

The feast was cooked by Master Rosario (my good Squire in the West) and the
Crane household. The style of the feast was Mongolian stir fry...and while
the food was *excellent*...!...standing in line for 30 to 45 minutes to get
it cooked was not a happy experience.........

The reveling was good and the trip home was uneventful...except for that
pesky blowout on the left front....*sigh*

Stopped off in Bryn Gwlad on way home...after dropping John off with Honor
of Restomel in Middleford...saw Mistress (Maebhb) (can't remember the Gaelic
spelling of her name...*sigh*) and His Excellency Johnathon... They stated
that they would be here for a Day in the Court...as did the Kingdom
Seneschal, Mistress Clarissa...!

I do hope to be at the next mini-tourney though...the gods willing.

>From: "Watson Jeffrey J" <edric at edricsrose.com>

>Had great fun as always, there were only 3 fighters, but I think we might
>have had a few more visitors than last time. We did get tired pretty quick
>with only three fighters though.

Wæs Þu Hæl in TroÞ and FriÞ...!
"Better the Hammer than the nail..."

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