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Kezia (Barbara Gilbert) kezia at pbgilbert.net
Mon Mar 25 21:30:30 PST 2002

Greetings from Her Excellence Kezia,

I enjoy reading the stories from events and would like to encourage others
to share their experiences with the group, that all may enjoy and learn.

This past weekend, the 3rd monthly mini tourney was held. The weather was
as the banners were hung, with thanks to Shane (we have to find a good way
to put
these up each time, I'm open to ideas) and pillows were laid out for people
to sit on.

The three fighters fought and took turns marshaling.  A rope was laid out
the fighters had to stay within in its borders. They fought valiantly in the
round and them in a triangle. They all laughed and had a great time.

Klar de Mist brought water that was much appreciated by the fighters and
others present. HE Kezia, Mary and Iosbail made tassels which will
become the site token for the up coming event.

Ld Balda opened court and after introductions was given leave
to hand out prizes. Edric looked good in his nice, new shiny plate armor and
helm. Balda gave him a long handled back scratcher for those hot sweaty
places he can not reach. :) Alexander was given leather rivets which all
fighters need. As the winner of the mini tourney, Ld Balda was called to
present himself before court and HE Kezia gave him a craved wooden box.

Afterwards, a large group invaded CC's Pizza and filled their bellies. We
a total of 18 people at the gazebo, 5 of which were visitors.

The next Mini-tourney, COME ONE & COME ALL to see what you have missed.

HE Kiabarta Kezia
In service to the dream
and the people

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