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Mon Mar 25 11:00:50 PST 2002

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I am back.

Gulf war was truly awesome.     the ravine battle was my favorite ( i drummed
with Morgoth)

i'd like to see Trimaris get a drum group together next time so we could drum
at each other across the ravine during the battle (WE'VE got spirit YES we DO
we've got spirit how about YOU!) special thanks to all the fighters who so
effusively thanked us for making them feel like they were in a movie by
providing a sound track.

i would like to take this space to say how VERY much the QUEEN , Britta SO
empressed me

during one of the holds of the ravine battle the ground was covered and i mean

arrows and such.     our noble queen rallied all the fighters near her to
police the spent arrows and such up into piles at the bases of the trees.
doing this saved  scads of expence for the archers of both kingdoms and
protected many from wounds in the feet from broken shafts i'm sure. i was very
moved    and must give credit and praise to such a lady, HAIL BRITTA!

made me proud to be Ansteorran.....

met the king a few times too                 seemed a likeable chap *SMILE*

i especially liked his incogneato wanderings to get a look at his people....
very Henry V.

i like our new king and queen.... nice people.

oh, and before i go, sorry for that little outburst while i was packing on
last day.

i was lied to         again.          and it was the suckiest part of the war.

it rang true for reasons known to all, and struck deeply into scar tissue, old
and new.

so sorry kief and lorraine for the rude awakening....

which brings me to my only question after gulf war XI.....

what the hell is with the voices of the crows in mississippi?

they sounded like freaking DUCKS!

not like the RICH, LOUD, FULL THROATED CAWS of our own Ansteorran corvids
safe journeys,

      v RAGAN VOX v
dfThe Horned Godfd

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