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pout, I would of loved to have been there, but can't... and to my knowledge
stargate isn't doing their harvest ball this year.. oh well ...
I sent off the last weekend people to your sen & hosp. last night make sure
you can get a hold of those people as well.. there are 4 on their I
if you can't get a hold of someone with the file let me know and I can send
you a copy so that you can reach these people for the revel :)
hugs bett

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Sigh.  Thanks Gwynn.  :-)  Of course, that would be what I forgot.
The date - this Saturday, November 23.
Yes, Kimmie, I know *now* that conflicts with Gate's Edge.  And no, I didn't
do that "on purpose."
We set the Pampered Chef party date for Nov. 23 because Rachel and Dusty
were doing Defender feast, I had *planned* on doing Ren Faire, we were all
doing Autumn Melees, we didn't want to conflict with Thanksgiving (and the
traditional Stargate Harvest Fest/newcomers revel), and any later would be
pushing it to get the Pampered Chef stuff back and distributed before
Christmas (and I'd be going crazy with finals).  That date "appeared" free.
I checked the Ansteorran calendar back in September - but I was just
checking it for stuff *we* planned to go to - there were no conflicts I saw
with *my* schedule.  The revel grew out of the plans for the Pampered Chef
party - we figured we'd just make an evening of stuff since we'd all be home
for once and because we'd have leftover food from that.  Plus it was right
after faire - what a great time to invite the newcomers out!  I didn't check
the Ansteorran calendar again when we started talking about a newcomer's
revel - It was only a few weeks ago that I realized this would conflict with
an event y'all were holding.
I had announced this at populace and folks announced it at the business
meeting, but since I wasn't on the email list (don't have email at home), I
didn't send it to the email list until now.
If you were planning on going to Gate's Edge - by all means - please do so.
If you don't want an all day thing or want something less formal - come on
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Elaine Scadian wrote:
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Let's try this ONE MORE TIME. One message out in the ether because I wasn't
signed up yet. One message the gods know where because we had a powerout
right as I was moving the pointer toward the send button. Well, you know
what they say about 3rd times . . .

We're having a party at our place!!! In theory this is a cross between a
housewarming and a newcomer's revel. Last weekend was the last weekend of
TRF, and Malcom already has some of the sign-up sheets for previous
weekends. We're going to invite the newcomers out, so bring a book or two on
your favorite SCA subject. I don't know if anyone will show, but if not, you
can always show off your interests to those of us who aren't SCA newcomers,
but who are newcomers to the subject.

Also, I've got an old Kingdom Dance tape, so we can move the furniture
around and have those who've been going to dance guild show the rest of us
what they've learned. If the weather stays nice we can do it outside by
tiki-torch and freak out the neighbors!

Wear garb if you want. Wear mundanes if you want. Whatever you're
comfortable in. We won't laugh. I'm a freak - I'm more comforable in garb,
so that's what I'll wear.

Revel starts at 7:30. We're having stone soup (bring something to put it in
if you want - think beef stew), leftovers from the Pampered Chef (spiffy
kitchen toys) party (5 p.m. - call me if you're interested), and anything
else folks want to bring.

'Zander - Call me. I want to talk to you about a cloak . . .

If you're interested in sewing in the afternoon, give me a shout. If you
don't want to deal with Pampered Chef stuff, we'll kick you out in the
garage (sewing area) with a machine or two and fabric.

Directions: From Huntsville - Take I-45 North. Exit #123 - Highway 1696.
Make a left on 1696. The second road (not counting the access road) on the
left is Woodview. Make a left on Woodview. We're #28 (5th or 6th house on
the right).

The phone number is (936) 436-0205.

I've probably forgotten something, but hopefully not. See you folks there!!!


Yup, the date.....G
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