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Thank you!
  I know Malcolm had to work last night and is probably asleep right now.  I have class tonight and, if you would be so kind as to send that, I can make sure to download the attachments then (easier than trying to get in touch with Malcolm while I'm at work).  At least one of the Ravensfort newbies I talked to last night is going to try to make it to the Gate's Edge event (maybe a few more though they were more wishy washy).   She has to work Saturday evening, but is free during the day.  We've got a few more who have things in the Huntsville area during the day and free in the evening who are going to try to be at the party.  :-)
Harvest Fest - Yeah, I hadn't heard anything about it recently- I'm just too stuck in the past - I carry a calendar in my head of "traditional" events I have memorized - and in September it was too early for me know if they *weren't* doing it this year.  I should have asked William.  Oh well, hindsight and all . . .
Have fun at y'all's event - I wouldn't have been able to make a weekend thing anyway, but it really does sound neat.  :-)
 lisabetta/kimberly <lisabetta at ansteorra.net> wrote:pout, I would of loved to have been there, but can't... and to my knowledge
stargate isn't doing their harvest ball this year.. oh well ...
I sent off the last weekend people to your sen & hosp. last night make sure
you can get a hold of those people as well.. there are 4 on their I
if you can't get a hold of someone with the file let me know and I can send
you a copy so that you can reach these people for the revel :)
hugs bett

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