[Ravensfort] GATE/Troll Update !

Shane Wallace sdwsdw30 at totalzone.com
Thu Jan 2 21:18:54 PST 2003


Here is the current gate list as of 01-02-2003  11:21 PM. Please feel
free to sign up for any of the open positions ! ! !

In Service,
Lord Malcolm de Crauford
Hospitaler/Deputy Seneschal
sdwsdw30 at totalzone.com
Here is the current GATE/Troll list along with a few simple policies
that are subject to change.

The policy on gate shifts stands as follows:

1. 2 people per shift
2. First two people that sign up for a shift get that shift as long as
one of them is a Raven's Fort member OR a long time trusted friend of
Raven's Fort .
3. All e-mail received or sent out concerning this Gate/Event will be
"CC" or "Forward" to the Autocrat and  Barony Seneschal.

Please Note: This Policy may be changed by the Autocrat / Seneschal /
Reeve / Baron & Baroness until that time it will stand.


4pm - 6pm     Full
Malcolm de Crauford, Alexandre'

6pm - 8pm     1 spot open
Lady Ashlin

8pm - 10pm    Full
Lady Olivia, Tegan

10pm - 12 midnight    Full
Dolfin , M. Jalali


12am - 2am    1 spot open
Robine d'Anne Briere

2am - 4am     open

4am - 6am     Full
Alya, Wesley

6am - 8am     1 spot open

8am - 10am    Full
Lisabetta, Clarissima

10am - 12noon   1 spot open
Lady Olivia

12noon - 2pm    open

2pm - 4pm     Full
Malcolm de Crauford, Piroska Simon

At 4 pm gate will close.

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