[Ravensfort] work day for the Pas Event.

Brian du Val cobalt60 at lcc.net
Mon Jan 20 16:16:00 PST 2003

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 Kief did offer to check on the availability of the Rohe's propane fired
serving table.

    Well, the feast is to be served and I dont know if the steam table will
be useful in that purpose. It could definitely keep food items warm. If it
deep inserts for food then we will more than likely be able to use it.
    As for the Privies, (Hmmmm)  One maybe for the Equestrian field.
    If we could get the Gallery delivered early friday we could use Kiefs
blue trailer to pick up tables the same day and set them in the halls. and
then just the kitchen stuff with the field items like the ropes, tents,
water and portable holes etc....
    ( I have a Plane for the list field rope )
Any other feed back or ideas?

                                                         Brian   ;o)


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