[Ravensfort] what have you been doing?

jacinth jacinth at mail.ev1.net
Fri Jan 24 15:13:31 PST 2003


I seem to do a lot of talking myself, but I find I am wondering what
everyone else has been up to, or wants to do.  Here's your chance:

1.  If you are a guild principal -- I would appreciate a report as soon as
you are able.  I am not doing a good enough job of soliciting this
information, it seems.

2.  Artisans (anyone that is doing anything, whether you are an expert
at it or not) -- what have you been working on?  Example: "Hi!  I have
been knitting a scarf (I learned about Scottish knitting at a recent
meeting), spinning and plying yarn, cooking and taste-testing French
recipes for an upcoming feast, learning to play the recorder, fulling some
nalbinded mittens, and doing assorted costume research.  I am planning
on doing natural dying and making a new batch of soap in late March."

You don't have to give a dissertation, but I would like to hear what
wonderful things you have been at.... and see if there is someting I can
do to help you.  Just ask me -- I don't bite (much).

Warm Regards,

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