[Ravensfort] Thank You!

Marivs byzy at charter.net
Mon Jan 27 07:06:20 PST 2003

Yes, it has been excremental bovine product and a learning experience for
all of us.  I¹ve come away from it with reestablished faith that the SCA
inc. WILL punish dangerous and harmful behavior with banishment.  Let¹s hear
it for the good guys !  Now all I, personally, have to do is find a way to
participate in the SCA and not be murdered just for showing up.  The
detective suggested that I find another area with less aggressive people to
play with, but...   The fact is I would have to drive too far to completely
avoid the threat and besides, I have support and loved ones here too.  The
question is, do I risk death... or do I give up my friends and hobby ??  I
am open to any constructive suggestions.


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> excremental bovine product

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