[Ravensfort] How was Fiber Day in B/CS?

jacinth jacinth at mail.ev1.net
Wed Jan 29 06:29:44 PST 2003

Lorraine did ask:
>Did anyone make it to the fiber day on Coronation weekend? if so how was it?

I was there.... it was a wet and miserable drive, but well worth it.  There
were eight of us, and we did various crafts that we had brought.  I learned
a bit about Scottish-style knitting.  Half of us span, and got to try some
new fibers that Mistress Raisya provided.  Two people were setting up
looms (one rigid-heddle, which I got to help with, and tablet weaving on
an inkle-loom) for work.  We discussed possible projects to do as a group,
although we didn't settle on anything... suggestions?  Best of all, I got
to meet a lot of new people who were just as excited about fiber as I was
(different aspects of it).  I am looking forward to future meetings!


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