[Ravensfort] Ansteorra has a new member!!!!!!

Isobail inghean Gilla Chriosd isobail at ev1.net
Wed Jan 29 18:47:48 PST 2003

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Its a BOY!!!!

Aeonghas MacPherson and his lady wife Alyssandra (Trace and Maria Brooks) would like to announce the birth of their 1st son!!!!

Blaize Owen Brooks-- 8 lbs 14 oz, 21 1/4" long (sorry I forgot to get the time of birth).  Blaize is in the stage 2 nursery (he had some problems breathing due to the C-section), but should be out with mom tomorrow morning.

Mom and Dad are doing fine.  I will post some pictures as soon as I get them.

In Service I Remain--
Lady Isobail inghean Gilla Chriosd
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