[Ravensfort] Crown Info Needed

jacinth jacinth at mail.ev1.net
Mon Apr 19 17:25:10 PDT 2004

I have just returned Stateside to find all in turmoil.  I am working via a
modem due to severe electronic damage suffered unto our home while on 
vacation, so I don't have time to sort through the hundreds of email in my 
box at the moment to see if any relevant info was posted already.

In my webmail box, I have several emails from people pleading for info 
about Crown.

1.  Who is Autocrat, so I can redirect some of these questions?  Many are
complaining that they are not getting answers through email... things like
gate fees and such...  kind of important I guess.  Did this not go in the
Blackstar (don't have one at the moment... is probably lost in the move)?

2.  Can someone please provide me with text to post on the website?  The
event is very close and there doesn't appear to be a designated webpage
yet... might as well provide something.

3.  Who is taking feast reservations?  I am already receiving inquirys.

I will try to check mail later, but I have to give Lee a turn.  Only one phone
line.  We have been dealing with problems all day, and I might not get a
chance to handle more until tomorrow.


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