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David R. Hoffpauir env_drh at shsu.edu
Wed Mar 2 13:04:50 PST 2005

Hey Shane,

There's nothing fiery there dude.  An issue was thrown out in several
proceeding posts, and I asked for clarification.  That's how you avoid
conflict.  You know, ask questions.  Accept and/ or evaluate the answers you
are given. This is a discussion list.  Or at least, it was, during the,
whatever, 9 years when I ran it.

Granted, I have a sharp tongue, especially in the written word, so if
someone is offended, I apologize.  If someone reads the post and sees
themself somehow reflected in my words, then that's good.  We have common
ground from which to find an aminable resolution.  Let's talk.  It's those
who internalize their concerns and fail to ask the appropriate questions
that find demons at every turn.

Vivez dans la paix, victoire dans la guerre

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> Greetings,
>     Before the "Soap Opera" begins, I would like to make a plea for
> PEACE. During a time of transition, regardless if you in agreement or
> disagreement with crown and the powers to be, WE need to stick together
> as Friends and Family should. If you truly care about the group, then
> please keep fiery postings off the Main Raven's Fort List. Send them
> through means of Private email.
>     At a time like this WE must do what is best for the WHOLE group. I
> would like to remind the populace that... We are friends... We are a
> family in our own right. Please do what is best for the group. Please ! !
> In Service to the Dream, Kingdom, and Barony,
> Lord Malcolm De Crauford
> Seneschal of Raven's Fort
> P.S. If anyone is in disagreement with what I have posted, you may
> contact me directly at
> sdwsdw30 at totalzone.com
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