[Ravensfort] Missive from the Vicar...was...RavensMarch Event and Our Stepping Down

Kief av Kiersted sirkief at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 2 01:15:43 PST 2005

Heilsa all...

Thank you for the congratulations Baron David.

I want to thank Niklas and Kezia for their *exemplary* service
and devotion to the Barony of Raven's Fort in the face of much
unwarranted adversity. I also wish them both the very best that
life has to give in their new home near Austin.

There are good people out there in Raven's Fort. They are those
that are the Officers and active members of the Barony. They are
constantly bringing in new people, working to take up the slack
at events and meetings in the face of non-participation by the
disaffected few, and traveling the nearby Regions and the Kingdom
learning and growing.

If anyone wishes to learn about the *actual* structure and
workings of our Barony, Kingdom, and Society please attend the
Official Functions of the Barony. These include our monthly
Social/Populace Moots, the monthly Business/Officers Meeting,
Official Fighter Practices, and meetings of Guilds recognized by
the Barony.

I would like to caution everyone to please avoid inviting the
whole world to any "open house" gatherings at a residence not
their own.

I do hope that the tenure of Lorraine and myself as Vicaress and
Vicar is relatively short and uneventful. Our mandate from the
Crown of Ansteorra and our Kingdom Seneschal is to promote
growth, insure compliance with Society and Kingdom regulations,
as well as all applicable Law. Further, we are to guide and
instruct any of the good people here in Ravens Fort that are
interested in advancing their ability and knowledge with the goal
of being the next Baron and Baroness of Ravens Fort. 

Our duty as Vicar and Vicaress is based on the needs of the many
rather than the desires of a few. To that end; disruptions of
Official functions, malicious gossip, willful violation of the
Laws of the land at any gathering that utilizes the name of the
Barony, Kingdom or Society, continued harassment, baseless
defamation of character, and any other action deemed harmful to
the Barony, Kingdom, and Society will not be tolerated. For the
sake of "peace" within the Barony...do not violate these

As Vicar and Vicaress we will only accept oaths, vows, promises,
applications, presentations in Court, et cetera from those that
are trustworthy in our eyes and in the eyes of the Crown.

There will be several changes in the way that this Barony
conducts events. Those changes will be discussed among the
Officers of the Barony, vetted by any applicable Regional/Kingdom
Officers, and, if necessary, the Crown and reported to the
Populace as each concern is resolved. 

Vicaress Lorraine has every right to maintain on her person the
ways and means of personal protection against assault, as do I,
and every other member of this Barony. To that end I gave the
Vicaress a nice fillet knife and Baron Niklas gifted her with a
sturdy Scandinavian style sword.

Over the next several weeks or months we will be soliciting
advice, ideas, and "For-the-Good-of-the-Barony" projects from the
populace at large. We will do so at Official functions.

In order to live in peace...one must be prepared for war... 

Your good neighbor...

Kief, Vicar of Ravens Fort


--- "David R. Hoffpauir" <env_drh at shsu.edu> wrote:

> Yea!  Congratulations all around.  I really look forward to
> this new time
> before us.  There are a lot of people in the woodwork; great,
> experienced,
> fun, people.  Organizers, workers, cooks, teachers, artisans,
> who long to
> play our game and live in peace.  Show up at Lizard Keep some
> Wednesday
> night, if you doubt, bread or wine will buy you dinner, it's
> open house.  I
> have always said that our first duty is to ourselves and to the
> extended
> family we are.  Pull that one off, stick out a hand, be a
> friend, laugh and
> mean it, refrain from gossip, forever be first to grant that
> noblest of
> traits, forgiveness, and any dream is possible.  I know, I've
> seen you do
> it.
> To Keif, you've been here before, dude.  I missed most of that
> round;
> looking forward to it.  My sword is yours.  Oh, and, assuming a
> few things,
> we have a toast to finish....
> Lorraine, please, and I mean this with as much humor as can be
> piled on,
> don't swoop in on people out of the dark!  You're moods are
> scary enough in
> the daylight!  ....and no knives!  Good luck to you both.  Call
> if you need
> it.   :)
> Live in Peace,
> dsd

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