[Ravensfort] congradulations

David R. Hoffpauir env_drh at shsu.edu
Wed Mar 2 08:09:59 PST 2005

Hey Barbara,

Right on!  They made a wise choice, I'm sure the Crown had your full support
and council.

I have a question.  As you know, I completely stepped away from the SCA just
about three years ago.  Quit going to meetings, fighter practices, work
days, hanging out with SCA people (aside from a few personal friends who are
mostly like all Raven's Hearts, Court Baronies, Knights, and Dons and such).
I quit talking about SCA things, was off the RF list for almost 2 years, and
quit going to
events.  I've maybe been to four events total since you guys stepped up.
And, of course, you know, I spent most of your first year as B&B in Killeen,
then Berta's Grandpa was ill, then she and I split up, she bought a house,
moved out, yada, yada, yada, life goes on, so not much time to focus on SCA
stuff, plus, on top of it all, after 7 1/2 fun, exciting, and prosperous
years as one of the local Landed Nobles, I just needed a break.  I'm sure
you understand.  Anyway, point being, I'm out of the loop and would like to
become active again, but have some new faces to meet.

So who is this unnamed, lingering menace again?  Paul has mentioned them,
now you've mentioned them.  Even HE Lorraine has eluded to them over on the
Amazon list.  I just wanna steer clear if they're all that bad.   All I need
is another trusted confidant, advisor, or friend who doesn't mind dragging
my name through the mud, gut-slitting my every effort, or talking smack,
like all around the Kingdom, you know.  Darn shame, got to watch your back
these days.  From your words, I'd say it sounds like the SCA isn't quite as
friendly and open as it was four years ago.  Oh well, times change.  Good
luck in Austin.  :)

Vivez dans la paix, victoire dans la guerre


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> I send hearty good wishes and support for Sir Kief and Mistress Lorraine
> becoming the Vicar and Vicaress of Ravens Fort. They did not seek this
> but because of all the crap that has come from this Barony in the last 3+
> years the Crown felt this was best for Ravens Fort. Keif and Lorraine
> playing on a kingdom level and have for years. They know and talk to
> from every group within the Barony. They understand what the expectations
> are, and they understand SCA rules and policies. The Crown has charged
> to teach the ways of the current SCA, to help the Barony grow, and to
> protect it from those that would set it backwards.
> The officers, Barony Guard and the Order of the Raven have been given the
> same charge. Keif and Lorraine are the new leadership of Ravens Fort,
> by the Crown. Congratulations.
> Kezia
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