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This is totally off the top of my head, so subject to some error, but, you've just lined up three court baronies, a don, a former landed noble, three thistles, an Iris of Merit, four Sable Cranes, four Baronial service awards, and probably 30 event stewards combined and eluded to some conspired, organized, wrongful act they've perpetuated. It's just not so.  These people just want to hold on to something they've built, it's as simple as that.

I have no idea what you are referring to.  If Dave and Dominique really know what this big "wrong doing" is, they have never discussed it with me.  You and Doug?  For god's sake, you are the one who can't let it go.  And it looks as if your hatred is growing.  Can't you see how that one, single dispute has grown from two people to three?  Then four, five, six....  and we're still going.

And now I risk getting kicked off the list (again) just for offering a solution.  Just great! If that happens, fine, but there are probably fifty people, for that matter an entire Kingdom, out there who'd like to know answers to "what the heck is going on here", myself included, so that seems like "on topic" business to me.   If I get booted, then it's straight up censorship, and that answers for its self.  

This is the absolute best forum we have available for working things out, otherwise the person to person rumors out-pace the collective group's opportunities for interaction.  Soon as we take it offline, we're right back into the same 'paranoia' and 'secretive dealings' scenario that drive the hostilities.  When I ran the RF list, yer right, it wasn't pretty, but it was open, things did get resolved.  To squash an avenue of speech only leads to greater distrust.

Maybe if we agree to some ground rules for a nice, constructive exchange of information, then we can use this list as the forum for working out whatever this 'problem' is.  I'm in for it.  You know me, I've always done my level best to find compromise in any argument.  Yea, sometimes I'll push an issue, but it's always with the intent of finding a resolution.  I hate conflict, but will not run from it.  I think we share that commonality.

So, assuming you and I, the moderator, and everyone involved can agree to discuss this one topic, which is, I think, the notion that those you name have some secret agenda, then I say we should.  It would be a start, 'cause what we're doing now for sure isn't working and I don't see you ever conceding to sit down in a room and talk with us, at least with Marius there.

Now, could be that the 'wrongful acts' you speak of really, really, really do need to kept private.  That's cool.  The only incident I can think of from four years ago that involves the four people you mention has serious implications for Lorraine.  That's not the world's business.  Maybe some offline discussion will settle to whole thing.  Me and you might end up holding hands and skipping off into the sunset after one exchange of email.  If not at least we did the honorable thing and tried.  You know I won't back down and I know you won't back down.  That is actually a good thing. 'Cause we do respect each other, I think.

Sorry Mel, boot if you have to.  If we do agree to this, you'll be caught in the middle a bit, but ground rules for decency should be acceptable.  Right?  Constructive argument?  Get some issues qualified, as opposed to this "ACK!" "ACK!" "ACK!" stuff that nobody can interpret.  Friggin' Martians!  :)  I suggest we first figure out what the question even is and agree on it, before any discussions begin.  Or, as an alternative, we create an entire separate list, a closed list, but one that is open to the parties involved.  Invite some outside moderators in.  For that matter, invite the Crown in.  I got nothing to hide.  I don't know what will work at this point, but without some public scrutiny we risk making things worse, so in the end, I say we come to terms and report back to the world.

You know, Kief, it just boggles my mind.  I never knew we were "bitter enemies" until just recently and that came from a fourth party rumor.  Sure, you and I could sit down at a table and work things out, I'm certain of it, but unless it's worked out in the arena of a public forum, the resolution will never make it to the fringes of the Kingdom, where it needs to go, or be universally understood.  Over time, those fringe influences, misconceptions and such will inevitably creep back in and take hold.  And, of course, you and I are just two pieces of a bigger puzzle.  Settling our differences would help, but what's required must be a collective solution.  Here's my olive branch.

Amusing, that sounds like a good idea for a baronial order.  The Raven's Fort Peace Corp.  Yer only accepted in if you've settled differences and moved on.... Our official drink would have to be Martini's.  Neither stirred or shaken....   :)

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