[Ravensfort] Group Project Proposal

L T ldeerslayer at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 10 15:26:11 PST 2005

Excellent Idea Lady Catherine!!!!

Would you please get together a list of materials, dimensions ,preliminary costs and your general
concept ASAP... business meeting is on March 21st...

Because it is a Kingdom Beautification Project it will need to be run by their Majesties 
(they are in charge of the Kingdom's image afterall.) The Kingdom Seneschal and Kingdom Chatelaine
will need to be consulted as well...because they co-ordinate these kinds of projects to ensure
that there is no duplication of effort. As it is part of the responsiblity of my station, I'll 
make sure everything is square with kingdom. 

I'll get back with you as soon as I can talk to the appropriate parties...


--- "Corbisier, Barbara L" <barb at tamu.edu> wrote:
> I humbly submit the following for your consideration: the Ansteorran gate at 
> Pennsic SUCKS.

> Strong words, but take a look at the evidence:
> Raven's Fort should create a gate for the Pennsic royal encampment.  This 
> could take the form of a wind wall, so it could be easily transported and 
> put up/taken down.  We could get started on this immediately and have it 
> done in time to present it to the new King & Queen at coronation in July.  
> We could do large banners with Ansteorra's device to go on either side of 
> the entrance, and then paint the devices of all the baronies of Ansteorra on 
> the other sections of the wall (I'm not intentionally dissing shires, but I 
> don't believe there's enough room).
> Gregor and I could bring up the wall with us when we go to Pennsic, so 
> transportation shouldn't be a concern.  
> So there's the proposal, what does everybody think?
> In service,
> -Lady Catherine Barbary
> L T <ldeerslayer at yahoo.com> said:
> > 
> > > To help us define our identity as a group and give us things to work 
> toward together,
> > > 
> > > I am asking all those who consider themselves Raven's Fort to think on 
> what goals the
> > > group should work toward and what projects we could do together. 
> > > 
> > > You may present them here in public forum, present them at populace, 
> tell them to an officer,
> > > or tell them to Kief and I.
> > > 
> > > Kief and I and the officers will confer as to how best to implement the 
> suggestions and how they
> > > need to be timed to best suit the Barony.
> > > 
> > > Lorraine
> > > Vicaress
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