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MARY ROGERS mary.rogers0897 at sbcglobal.net
Fri Mar 11 20:37:12 PST 2005

I agree that this is a wonderful project.  I am not much with sewing on a machine, but do love to sew by hand.  I look forward to working with you and the Barony on this project.

Now, on those lines..why stop there?  There are many big and small projects that we can work on.  Since Lady Catherine has proposed a somewhat (who am I kidding, it's BIG) large one, I shall throw out an idea for a small one.  T-Tunics.  I am sure with all of the activity lately that the Hospitaler's Chest could use a boost.  We have in the past held a T-Tunic night/Beginning sewing class.  I would like to see this again in the near future, if possible.  My house is pretty small, so we would need a location and such..but whatcha think?

Also, since I am on a roll...where do we stand with classes for Populace?  I have several ideas on classes I think would benefit/interest people.  I know Lady Clarissima and Lord Lochlann have held yogurt cheese classes and I have held a bath salt class.  Is there an interest for a refresher?  Also, HE Kezia held a class on etiquette that I know I would like to see again.  But why stop there?  Lord Magnus did a class on Heraldry and Devices that I think would be enlightening!  HE Crystal and Lady Ayla did a class on Stain Glass and of course Lady Isobail has done several on Gate and I believe is planning one on How to submit a bid for an event?  I know I am missing loads of people, but I think you get the idea.

I will now take my coffee-induced behind back to quiet mode(yeah, right).

In service,

Lady Mary of Axefoot

--- "Corbisier, Barbara L" wrote:
> I humbly submit the following for your consideration: the Ansteorran gate at 
> Pennsic SUCKS.

> Strong words, but take a look at the evidence:
> Raven's Fort should create a gate for the Pennsic royal encampment. This 
> could take the form of a wind wall, so it could be easily transported and 
> put up/taken down. We could get started on this immediately and have it 
> done in time to present it to the new King & Queen at coronation in July. 
> We could do large banners with Ansteorra's device to go on either side of 
> the entrance, and then paint the devices of all the baronies of Ansteorra on 
> the other sections of the wall (I'm not intentionally dissing shires, but I 
> don't believe there's enough room).
> Gregor and I could bring up the wall with us when we go to Pennsic, so 
> transportation shouldn't be a concern. 
> So there's the proposal, what does everybody think?
> In service,
> -Lady Catherine Barbary

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