[Ravensfort] fighter practice?

Shane Wallace sdwsdw at cox.net
Fri Aug 11 06:12:42 PDT 2006

Greetings H.L. Jacinth,
I don't know if anyone emailed you privately, so I'm responding to you 
publicly. To the best of my knowledge fighter practice has been 
postponed. It should be starting up soon. Right now we have a couple of 
people working on armor with Baron Brian du Val. When they start back up 
I'm sure it will be on Sunday at the Gazebo around 2pm or 3pm. If I have 
misspoken and I have my facts mixed up, someone please feel free to 
correct me politely.
In Service,
Lord Malcolm
jacinth wrote:

>Where and when is fighter practice now?  I've had an inquiry.

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