[Ravensfort] site work update

Dan Roberts DAN at entc.tamu.edu
Fri Aug 11 06:34:57 PDT 2006

 This brings up an issue that is near and dear to us. Safety. When we
are working on our site, we need to be careful, a slip with a chainsaw
or axe and you are in a world of hurt. Not to mention poisonous snakes
and spiders. Please be careful out there, an injury out there without
somebody to help could have fatal results, and none of us want a trip to
the emergency room.

We will need shovels and rakes, chainsaws and possibly an axe. We will
need rope or chain, and cleaning materials for the kitchen. We will need
some bleach and the tools to uproot those persimmons. Anyone know what
has worked well in the past? We need a posthole digger to reset some
list field posts. Any one have any ideas as to what I've missed? I look
forwards to seeing you out for site preparation.

        in service,

    Ivan Ivanovich Ezhov

Dan Roberts
MicroComputer Specialist
Engineering Technology & Industrial Distribution
Texas A&M University

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