[Ravensfort] Gate List

EPPS, DAVID C ICC_DCE at shsu.edu
Wed Aug 16 18:24:34 PDT 2006

I would like to thank everyone who has already signed up to sit gate.

Here is the Gate List as it stands.  I will remind every one that I have four people on the list currently who I know have not completed the required training for sitting gate.   If they do not complete the training I will have to remove them from the list.  I will encourage everyone to take the training even if you do not sit gate for this event.  

As an added incentive Musashi no Domai ( Kitsune) will be making individual servings of quiche as a snack for all who sit gate this time.  Additionally I will provide soft drinks.

Friday 15

4 PM – 7 PM		Lady Love of Halesworth
			Lord Malcom de Crawford

21`7 PM – 10 PM	        Lord Devin O’Donnabhain
                        Robin & Caihgad Hoffman

10 PM - 1 AM		Alric Sweinbrothar
			Vladamir Carpotts

Saturday 16

1 AM – 4AM		Marius Atreides
			Musashi no Domai

4 AM – 7 AM	___________________________________________

7 AM – 10 AM		DsD

10 AM – 1 PM	___________________________________________

1 PM – 4 PM		Ld. Erich Rabe

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