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Greetings Don Zorc,

Please make a change to my name on the troll list.  It is Atreidae.  As in 
cursed house of... You know, Oedipus and all that...  Not Dune dudes and 
galactic good guys.  Thanks.


"What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul 

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I would like to thank everyone who has already signed up to sit gate.

Here is the Gate List as it stands.  I will remind every one that I have 
four people on the list currently who I know have not completed the required 
training for sitting gate.   If they do not complete the training I will 
have to remove them from the list.  I will encourage everyone to take the 
training even if you do not sit gate for this event.

As an added incentive Musashi no Domai ( Kitsune) will be making individual 
servings of quiche as a snack for all who sit gate this time.  Additionally 
I will provide soft drinks.

Friday 15

4 PM - 7 PM Lady Love of Halesworth
Lord Malcom de Crawford

21`7 PM - 10 PM         Lord Devin O'Donnabhain
                        Robin & Caihgad Hoffman

10 PM - 1 AM Alric Sweinbrothar
Vladamir Carpotts

Saturday 16

1 AM - 4AM Marius Atreides
Musashi no Domai

4 AM - 7 AM ___________________________________________

7 AM - 10 AM DsD

10 AM - 1 PM ___________________________________________

1 PM - 4 PM Ld. Erich Rabe
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