[Ravensfort] Pennsic report-Wednesday

Barb Corbisier barb at tamu.edu
Fri Aug 18 10:46:47 PDT 2006

We first set out to Heralds' Point to pick up the emblazon of Gregor's 
proposed device and to pay the fee to get it and his name submitted.  
Says Gregor of the overall heraldic consultation experience, "Heralds' 
Point contains so much concentrated heraldic geekdom that it made your 
hair stand up on end.  I mean, seriously, there were people there who 
could have told you what you would have had for breakfast on any given 
day in Western Europe from the days of the Roman Empire to the death of 
Queen Elizabeth I."

We made a quick stop to mail out some postcards with the special Pennsic 
cancellation, and then headed back to the merchant area. We stopped by a 
loom merchant and called HE Chrystal so she could ask her very detailed 
loom questions I had been unable to answer looking at their catalog.  
Gregor's new shoes had started to come apart a bit, so we returned to 
the merchant on Wednesday for a repair.  While that went on, we managed 
to pass the time by-you guessed it-shopping.  With fixed shoes, we spent 
some more time picking up souvenirs and research materials.  We were 
rather loaded down at that point, so we returned to camp.

After a shower, it was time for a quick soup & stew dinner.  East 
Kingdom court was to start at 8:00, and Ansteorra court was supposed to 
be at 7:00, so it should have theoretically been easy to get to both.  
That was until EK court got moved to 7:00 as well.  Dilemma time, 
because I wanted to see Caitlin get her laurel, but I also wanted to 
support Ansteorra.  Grrr.  Gregor came up with the solution that I'd go 
to EK court and he'd go to Ansteorra so we'd at least be represented.  
We hauled chairs over to the battlefield where court was being held, and 
Gregor left.  Imagine my surprise when he came back some fifteen minutes 
later with the news that court and chili night had been switched.  

So, one laureled friend later, we set out for Ansteorra Royal to see 
about some chili.  Unfortunately for us, there was no vegetarian chili 
made.  It wasn't a loss, though, as I was delighted to make the 
acquaintance of Amaline, Baroness Elfsea.  She gave us a lovely welcome 
and made sure that we were not wanting for the adult beverage of our 
choice. After a delightful chat, Mistress Lorraine Deerslayer arrived in 
camp, and we decided to take advantage of Midnight Madness, when 
Merchants are open late on Wednesday night. Of course, we could not go 
more than 10 feet before runing into one of Lorraine's many friends, so 
I met many more people that evening.

We returned to Ansteorra Royal to see what festivities might be going 
on, but at that point both Gregor and I were filled with a great 
weariness. We returned to our encampment and collapsed into bed.

And thus ends the report for Wednesday.

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