[Ravensfort] Site Tokens for Defender?

Dan Roberts dan at entc.tamu.edu
Fri Aug 18 14:13:06 PDT 2006

Bring the some stuff out to the site this weekend and we can look at it
and make some ideas happen. we will need probably 200 of them.
I am partial to bead tokens also. We had thought of stamped but bead
tokens will probably be quicker and look cool.

Dan Roberts
MicroComputer Specialist
Engineering Technology & Industrial Distribution
Texas A&M University
>>> Berta Allen <bertasdragonfly at yahoo.com> 08/18/06 2:32 PM >>>
OK, the magical question:
  How many site tokens are we needing?  200?  250?  300?
  I am partial to anything using beads...  can't hep it...  'shinies!' 
oops, sorry...  anyway
  I particulary like the beaded coins that were done for Timo/Alyson's
Corination (FYI - not because I made them, but because they were made
out of beads, plain & simple). It took about a month to make 650, so 250
shouldn't be too bad...  I think I still have oodles of "E" size beads
in red, black & white left over...  Just offering a suggestion, not a
  One really cool red/white/black bead on either red/black/white ribbon?
  Less can be elegant...
  I have the flyer of the business in San Antonio that Lord Marius used
to order the customs wooden coins for 'Festival of the Phoenix' & past
RF events... Customize the Baronial device?
  =o)     #o)     =o)       <blinking... best I can do on short notice> 
  soooo, what do we want to have/use for site tokens?
  PS - I have one of the few surviving "white ceramic cows"...
  As for the crocheted green over the pennies, that was done by Lady
Klar's grandmother for a Quest many moons ago... I discovered some of
those recently in my collection-o-stuff.

"Noli simul flare sorbereque"  - Plautus, Mostellaria, 79

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