[Ravensfort] Site tokens and work weekend

david b. lddevin03 at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 18 19:14:38 PDT 2006


   There has been a change in my plans. I may not
be able to make it tomorrow. Our dear friend Herr
Detlef von Marburg ( Ric Peavy ) was in an auto
accident this past wednesday and he is in
Memorial Herman Hospital in the ICU. After work
tomorrow, Chrystal and I are going to see him.
Please keep him in your thoughts. It's funny...I
was told by his mother that the first 2 things he
said after the accident were 1) my car and 2)
call Devin. 
   You all know that he is one of my best
friends. I will try and make it back by dinner
but at this point I can not promise anything. Her
Excellency, Baroness Fionna is going to have a
card for everyone to sign tomorrow. Thanks and
let's make Defender alot of fun!


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