[Ravensfort] Pennsic report-Thursday

Corbisier, Barbara Lynn barb at tamu.edu
Mon Aug 21 15:16:50 PDT 2006

We awoke Thursday morning to find a death in the encampment.  More specifically, a death in our 
tent.  Even more specifically, the death of our air mattress.  Getting out of a fold-up mattress frame 
when there's no mattress to speak of is more challenging than it sounds.  We hoped that it was a 
slow enough leak we could make it through the rest of the war, vowing to put more air in later. 

Laundry had to be done, so we headed into civilization.  We had a nice air-conditioned lunch and 
went back to site.  Then we realized that we had left a load in the dryer.  D'oh!  Gregor headed back 
into town to grab it, and I tried to sleep a bit on the semi-inflated mattress.  My new belt was ready 
for delivery, so we went to the merchant to pick it up, and also to get his shoes repaired.   Again.  At 
this point the vendor threw up her hands and gave him a new pair, vowing never to sub-contract out 
for gluing on the soles.

We returned to camp to Gregor could get ready for court.  He had been asked to herald the baronial 
court in the encampment.  My friend Mistress Pagan Graeme took on another friend of mine, Lady 
Emma McMinn, as a new protege,  Our encampment moat monster, Bergie, which had gone missing, 
was returned relatively safe and sound in the middle of court, much to the relief of everyone.  After 
court, we rushed to Ansteorra Royal for that court.  So much rushing around!  I wish I could tell you 
what awards were given, but my brain was not retaining too much information at that point.  Their 
Majesties were gracious enough to give largesse to all the Ansteorran populace who had made the 
trek to Pennsic, and we now have a bottle of strawberry mead that I am looking forward to tasting 
and a basket of homemade soaps and potpourri.

Back to the encampment for a shower.  Mistress Lorraine had told me of a number of parties, and I 
had every intention of going to at least one, but then I sat down and couldn't move again.  We stayed 
in camp and observed the most concentrated bit of geekdom I have ever observed in my life while 
our campmates played the Lord of the Rings version of Trivial Pursuit.  And remember, I worked at 
MIT for several years.  Truly, we know some scary, scary people.  

And with that, we collapsed into bed.  Thus ends the report for Thursday.

Orationem pulchram non habens, scribo ista linea in lingua Latina.

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