[Ravensfort] Defender Set Up

Dan Roberts DAN at entc.tamu.edu
Wed Sep 13 06:20:01 PDT 2006

This is the list of tasks to be done Friday. If anyone see's something
I missed, please let me know.

1) Leaning list field post needs to be re-set and tamped.

2) Give the kitchen a clean out again.

3) Clean the bottoms of the tables under the storeroom porch.

4) Fix Rosie

5) Set Up Pavilions for:
        -List Mistresses

6) Decorate

7) Put out signs

8) Fix up the gate to be left open

9) Barrier Tape including Equestrian and Parking

10) List Field Rope

11) Drapes on Reviewing Stand

12) Finish setting up the Big Green Tents

   Ivan Ezhov
   Event Co-steward

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