[Ravensfort] camping space at Defender

Kief av Kiersted sirkief at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 13 09:24:30 PDT 2006

Heilsa Tareija and all...

I already talked with HE Jan of the Amazons... The Amazons are camping in 
the *former* Clan camp.

Per the usual informal agreement...no one from the Clan has camped in the 
Clan camp in over a year...and no one from the Clan has cleaned nor marked 
the site for well over a year. The Clan camp is no more...unless there are 
*serious* arrangements made asap.

For this Defender and in the future the Amazon Household now occupies the 
former Clan campsite (if they wish to keep it)...

Any questions or problems with this decision can be sent to me privately...

Wæs Þu Hæl in TroÞ and FriÞ...!
Kief - Land Agent for the V-Bar (Dorrell) Ranch
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>Hey T,
>I sent a message out to the Clan list earlier this morning.  Leo's been
>the only one to respond and he's not coming.  It's probably cool to
>offer it up for this one event.  If a problem does arise, they'd be
>welcome to Berta and I's spot over next to Segurd's new camp.
>David R. Hoffpauir

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>Greetings unto the list,
>     Tareija here..... quick question.  About 8 or so people from Fynnon
>Gath are coming to Defender and asked me where they could camp.  Does
>anyone know if the space that was once clan camp is currently being
>     Thanks, guys....
>            ~*~ tareija

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