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If you want Wikipedia to stick it has to get lots of hits.  If not enough people visit, the entry it will disappear.

As far as writing what goes on the site... Wikipedia lets almost anyone update it.  I say almost anyone because Steven Colbert has been playing the Devil with the facts.  (Did you know that the total number of elephants is on the increase ??)   Anyway Wikipedia is fun, but don't trust the info there.  I have found some mistakes.  Double check with some other source.  


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      About Raven's Fort on Wikipedia.  I think that would be a good idea. However, I think someone with a bit more knowledge of the group should write something. I can write something and put it up there if the populace wants me to.
    How about I write something and then submit it for everyone to look at, Those who are really good at this sort of thing could also write stuff. Maybe a link to our website?


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