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Vivat Kitsune !! as well, for cooking for the work crew Saturday night.  Wonderful roast pork for the labor hungry Ravens.  Time mellowed spirits and enlightening verbal intercourse.  A good time was had by all.


"what shall it profit a man,
if he shall gain the whole world,
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  What a shame I couldn't be there.  If it was half as fun as the last one, I know I missed out.

  Yeah, running ahead of schedule.  Try to think positive!  *grin*  It is a good thing.  And keep in mind that we are pulling together and you have back-ups!!

  I am awaiting a response from the KMoC about Children's stuff.  As soon as I hear anything I will let you know.

  Is there anything else I can do?  Or anyone for that matter?  Just let me know.

  I will definitely be at the next one.

  Vivat Workers!!  Vivat Event Stewards!!  Vivat go Raven's Fort!!

  In service,
  Mary of Axefoot

  Dan Smith Jr <alaric at consolidated.net> wrote: 
      Once again, the barony came together to prove that we can move mountains.  That is, assuming the mountains are made of small debris , wood, or pine needles.  The site work is going great.  I keep hearing that we're "running ahead of schedule", which makes me very, very nervous...

    We accomplished :

    1.  Swept roofs of kitchen and storage unit, moved needle debris to bonfire area
    2.  Disassembled and stored the metal tent uprights to reduce oxidation
    3.  Further organized debris around kitchen area.  Moved siege engine and restacked "boats" (round metal rings)
    4.  Preliminary cleaning / organizing inside the kitchen
    5.  Preliminary cleaning of the shower barrels
    6.  Moved showers to area discussed at meeting.  Mowed shower area
    7.  Inspected the pulleys on our main tent posts
    8.  Finished the tree removal on the equestrian field
    9.  Demolished the three spools near bonfire and added their wood to the fire pile
    10.  Mowed Sweincamp as well as a few other main camping areas
    11.  Repaired the broken table that was originally crafted by Cedric
    12.  Preliminary inspection / setting up of the Stones

    I am proud to thank all of you that came out and made the weekend such a success :

    Their Excellencies Brian and Fionna
    Walla Walla

    The main mowing will pull alot of our work together.  I am currently under the impression we will have three brushhogs.  We have one official workday left, September 8th and 9th.  This will be our busiest weekend, as there are many jobs that must be saved until then.  I would list them, but you would fear the list and run.  We will also have a team out there early on Friday, September 14.  The event is only 1 month away...  32 days away...   768 hours away....  46,080 minutes away...  2,764,800 seconds away (which sounds like FOREVER) ...

    Till then,   Alaric
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