[Ravensfort] Hail to all Defenders of the Fort!!!

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Tue Aug 14 14:25:44 PDT 2007


It's that time of year again!  The harvest in coming in and we're preparing 
for a long hard winter (metaphorically speaking, or course).  

It's a time to gather to honor the great people who make our Barony, our 
Kingdom, and, indeed, our Society the great institution that it is.

It's time for DEFENDERS OF THE FORT in the Barony of Raven's Fort.

I am Lord Gregor Elfingstone, Herald for their Sable Winged Excellencies, 
Brian du Val and Fionna ni Cheallaigh.   

I'm putting out the word to all heralds to come join me in the excitement and 
merriment.   As always, there is a great need for list heralds to assist with 
the heavy and light fighting, as well as field heralds to make announcement 
and cry the camps.   

This is your chance to fulfill your secret hidden desires to yell at perfect 
strangers, to bring out your inner announcer and be part of one of the 
Society's greatest traditions.   

And yell at perfect strangers.  Did I mention that?  Because it's really, 
really fun.

So contact me or simply see me on the day of the event to step forward, and 
let you pride show through.

Thank you,

In Service,

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