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I vote for a full color A&S issue, but then again, I'm a bit biased :)

Berta Allen <bertasdragonfly at yahoo.com> wrote: Greetings,
  I think I will have a couple of pages worth of 'stuff' for the Sept Quoth -shouldn't need more than 2 pages, maybe 3 tops. We will talk...
  As for the Silent Auction, if I may recommend - putting on Treasurer bonnet here =o)
  If were not spending more than a couple of hundred dollars for the showers (considering we use them twice a year...) - though it is a great & generous gester to help  offset the cost & free money is always welcomed, believe me!- the Barony should be ok with paying for it if need be.  Now if we were to go the Tammy Faye Baker route with gold fixtures or a Japanese Bath House, well, my vote is for the Japanese Bath House!!!  =o)  Just kidding, but I can dream too...  
  Seriously -
  There are many other projects ideas to consider for funding:
  -Quoth: A&S issue, postage, color cover or picture inserts, etc
  -Improve & enclose  the lean-to storage bldg on site to house all of the Baronial items being stored at the storage unit (no Officer files please!)
  -Inventory Pass-On prizes for each of the Baronial Competitions & replace/find/upgrade items as needed
  -One or two more red/white/black pavillion covers made to go over white garage pavillions (I don't know how many we have, I have one in my garage since last Defender that I bought a duffle bag to store it in)
  -Update tables (reinforce bottom edging to stop warping, re-varnish tops); build rack system to store better, etc) They really need upkeep &  TLC...
  -Baronial Pass-On Coronets
  -Computer & printer for Chronicler pass-on (maybe not good idea, due to how fast technology changes & on future Chroniclers abilities...?)
  -There are more ideas out there...
  What ever the group decides how the money is to be used for really needs to be decided upon well before the event/asap & finalized by the Financial Commity so that "advertising" can be done through  different media & means (Quoth, word of mouth, houston/ansteorra announce, etc).
  Any income for the group is great!  Did you know that the only income the Barony has had say, within the last year alone (events aside), has been Quoth Subscriptions/Issues sold & some extra cash donations.  Depending only on events for income is really hurting us in the long.  We need to finally face the mundane ways to make money for the group.
  Treasurer bonnet has been removed (for now).
  So, what say you Raven's Fort?  Please share your input & ideas!
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