[Ravensfort] Site Work Results

Lord Gundy lordgundy at charter.net
Wed Aug 15 19:49:03 PDT 2007

byzytym wrote:
> T.L.o.t.M. also begs me apologize for the erratic pattern of the
> mowed path between the Swiencamp and The Upright Stones.  Apparently
> the Saracens got into the Gongfermer Mead before staggering back to
> work.

That's perfectly fine, we didn't want a straight line, anyway. Hopefully it 
will match the natural frequency of the drunken staggering and no one will 
get lost in the forest this time.

That reminds me, did we ever find Gesalec, or is he still wandering around 
out there?
Gundy Sweinbrothar
I don't have to outrun the dragon, I just have to outrun you! 

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