[Ravensfort] Blue Moon over Site Work

Dan Smith Jr alaric at consolidated.net
Sun Jul 1 10:45:09 PDT 2007

Thanks for all that attended the Blue Moon.  There was plenty of food and fun to go around.

Thank you DSD for hosting.  Your hospitality was greatly appreciated.

There is alot of work to be done on the site, but nothing that seems out of the ordinary.  Kief's offer of mowing is appreciated, as always.  We have another brush-hog ready to help as well, as Pache' offered his aid.  There are the typical ants and wasps to combat.  Limbs to be gathered (before the mowing would be most useful).  A few of the larger boughs might need cutting first.  We mentioned cleaning up the clutter around the kitchen, as well as a fresh coat of paint there and on the storage unit.  We will discuss days / times at the July populace.

Trial Balloon :
Tareija wants to spearhead a crew to clean up the litter from the train tracks to the troll booth (or gate if we do it on a day we can't get on site).  Having a scenic road to ride in on helps set the mood for many of us.

Thanks everyone,   Alaric
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