[Ravensfort] Pictures from Fighter Practice ...

Bulgarelli Maria scarlettmb at sbcglobal.net
Sun Jul 1 21:24:10 PDT 2007

OK everyone.  My life got unbelievably complicated
after I posted the pictures.  

I wanted to post some prices on the pictures.  The
prices are my cost.  I'm not going to try to make
money off of this.  I just wanted to give my friends
in the SCA some nice pictures of themselves in garb.

Don't forget, I'll be doing the same thing at Stargate
Baronial.  This time you'll be able do see stuff right
there and I'll have the greenscreen up so you can have
your choice of backgrounds.  No groups larger than 8
adults are going to be able to be done in December. 
I'll have pricing and stuff posted later.  It will
also be in the event announcement.  

Anyway, the prices are
11X14 - 12.99
8X10 - 7.49
5X7 - 4.49
4X6 - .49
Wallet - 2 for 1.05

Like I said these prices are my cost.  

Let me know if you want anything.  Also don't forget,
if you want anything fixed in the pics I can do that
too.  I can also crop and do lots of other nice stuff.

There's the link again.

Have fun.


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