[Ravensfort] Blue Moon Wrap Up...

Mon Jul 2 13:58:08 PDT 2007

The Lord of the Manor would have me announce:

"His hangover is improving..."

He also hath declared Blue Moon a success and has granted me privilege
to recount his words that you too might know his great joy and share in
his pride with fervorant pounding chest:

"Faces!  Faces!  Oh the happy parade of faces!  Some from near!  Some
from far!  Some old, unexpected, resurfaced from the depths of time,
some new, unknown, but all in joyous commune!  A symphony of spirit
known by all. Such rapturous harmony with nary a snarl or down turned
lip!  Nay, not even one word of gossip or malcontent!  How can it be!
Happy people!  Oh, I weep!  My heart swollen!  Such joy cannot be
forced!  Such mirth, cannot be contained!  Evil, let them say that evil
hath never trodden here! It cannot be so!  Is it the water?  Is it the
air?  Is it the earth spirit rising to occasion our whim?  And doth not
such foretell our greatest hour!  Raven's Fort!   Their Sable Winged
Excellencies, in their fathomless wisdom, are a champion to their
subjects! Exalt their name! Sing, Jehovah! So wise, to choose fortune
over despairing notions!  So wise to despoil the naysay!  ...and sneaky.
Damn sneaky! For is it not sagely, in encouraging the smaller gatherings
of souls, that the big gatherings become easy?  Defender of the Fort is
coming, as so well they know! Could this have been but the prelude of
their greater plan? Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky.  We'll forgive them though,
manipulating the soul to good cheer is a forgivable offense...  Is it

"It too is a credit to hidden strengths that from nothing could be
mustered such success!  Aye, with less than two weeks notice and a
smatter of word fame!  It is as if the Oracle had seen it in the heavens
and the stars had aligned just for our humble gathering! Such may be
well that we did not plan too far in advance!  The bounds would have
been bursting, spilling forth with humanity had we tempted more! What
was it?  Fifty souls?  A legion?  I, my memory lost to the ever changing
wave of friends, cannot recall.  I was forced to quit counting at three,
because there were so 'many.'  As if heaven itself had sent down her
host!  Vivat!  Vivat!  Oh, I weep...  Vivat!"

"Ah, forgive, forgive the passionate rant..."

*Deep breath*

Ok, so aside from all that memorable elucidation, everything went well
at Blue Moon.  The L of the M, ever vigilant, has received reports of
Troll spoor upon the perimeter, but the blessings of the Goddess
prevailed.  The fences held.  Naught is ill.  All is good.  No one fell
off the battlements. No one found cause to fight. No one died!
Although, we did have a few tense moments when one of the ladies threw
the barn moggy in on top of the Gongfermer...  GADS!  Where DO little
boys learn such language!

And, although the Blue Moon Queen was never seen, it does appear that he
and the Saracens had something of a romp in lavender about the dungeon

The souls of the damned are requited, Ames Dunham has returned to the
mists, and all is good in Raven's Fort...

Oh, and Happy Canada Day.


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