[Ravensfort] Blue Moon Wrap Up...

David Brown lddevin03 at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 2 15:26:11 PDT 2007

   Alas I have heard many a fine tale come from the Blue Moon revel. I, being the honorary Queen of the Blue Moon & jailer to those sexy, pesky gay Saracens, do humbly apologize for not being in attendance. Sometimes the work I have to do in my mundane world gets the better of me.
  Will the heavens ever hold up the outpouring of their blessings in the form of rain? I am in no mood to build an ark & gather the masses! It is when such heavenly actions occur that my illnes becomes even more of a bother. I have been sneezing for narry on 4 days now. My hip, while feeling better, is still a touch sore. Walking can be a task...hmmmm. Where be those pesky gay Saracens when you REALLY need them?
  Alas, I am glad that everyone who made it had a good time. I do indeed look forward to Defender knowing we can all gather as one and put on an event that will be grand! Let's all rally to the flag and help out as much as we can.
  Remember that populace is this Thursday at 7pm.

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