[Ravensfort] Blue Moon Wrap Up...

Shane Wallace sdwsdw at suddenlink.net
Mon Jul 2 20:16:17 PDT 2007

Greetings to all,

I just wanted to thank DSD for being such a good host...  I wanted thank 
everyone who attended for bring all the fantastic choices of food... I don't 
think anyone went hungry...

DSD, I hope the tree lives...

In Service,
Lord Malcolm

P.S. I wanted to thank a certain Lady and Lord for the fantastic T-shirt 
they brought me from there vacation.... (wink)

Every man dies, not every man truly lives - Sir William Wallace
Slainte Gu Soirraidh - Scottish Gaelic Meaning - Health Forever
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> The Lord of the Manor would have me announce:
> "His hangover is improving..."
> He also hath declared Blue Moon a success and has granted me privilege
> to recount his words that you too might know his great joy and share in
> his pride with fervorant pounding chest:
> "Faces!  Faces!  Oh the happy parade of faces!  Some from near!  Some
> from far!  Some old, unexpected, resurfaced from the depths of time,
> some new, unknown, but all in joyous commune!  A symphony of spirit
> known by all. Such rapturous harmony with nary a snarl or down turned
> lip!  Nay, not even one word of gossip or malcontent!  How can it be!
> Happy people!  Oh, I weep!  My heart swollen!  Such joy cannot be
> forced!  Such mirth, cannot be contained!  Evil, let them say that evil
> hath never trodden here! It cannot be so!  Is it the water?  Is it the
> air?  Is it the earth spirit rising to occasion our whim?  And doth not
> such foretell our greatest hour!  Raven's Fort!   Their Sable Winged
> Excellencies, in their fathomless wisdom, are a champion to their
> subjects! Exalt their name! Sing, Jehovah! So wise, to choose fortune
> over despairing notions!  So wise to despoil the naysay!  ...and sneaky.
> Damn sneaky! For is it not sagely, in encouraging the smaller gatherings
> of souls, that the big gatherings become easy?  Defender of the Fort is
> coming, as so well they know! Could this have been but the prelude of
> their greater plan? Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky.  We'll forgive them though,
> manipulating the soul to good cheer is a forgivable offense...  Is it
> not?
> "It too is a credit to hidden strengths that from nothing could be
> mustered such success!  Aye, with less than two weeks notice and a
> smatter of word fame!  It is as if the Oracle had seen it in the heavens
> and the stars had aligned just for our humble gathering! Such may be
> well that we did not plan too far in advance!  The bounds would have
> been bursting, spilling forth with humanity had we tempted more! What
> was it?  Fifty souls?  A legion?  I, my memory lost to the ever changing
> wave of friends, cannot recall.  I was forced to quit counting at three,
> because there were so 'many.'  As if heaven itself had sent down her
> host!  Vivat!  Vivat!  Oh, I weep...  Vivat!"
> "Ah, forgive, forgive the passionate rant..."
> *Deep breath*
> Ok, so aside from all that memorable elucidation, everything went well
> at Blue Moon.  The L of the M, ever vigilant, has received reports of
> Troll spoor upon the perimeter, but the blessings of the Goddess
> prevailed.  The fences held.  Naught is ill.  All is good.  No one fell
> off the battlements. No one found cause to fight. No one died!
> Although, we did have a few tense moments when one of the ladies threw
> the barn moggy in on top of the Gongfermer...  GADS!  Where DO little
> boys learn such language!
> And, although the Blue Moon Queen was never seen, it does appear that he
> and the Saracens had something of a romp in lavender about the dungeon
> walls...
> The souls of the damned are requited, Ames Dunham has returned to the
> mists, and all is good in Raven's Fort...
> Oh, and Happy Canada Day.
> Regards,
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