[Ravensfort] Weekly request for trolls

m meaux m_meaux05 at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 9 17:34:43 PDT 2007

Since you asked so nicely, I would like to volunteer for the Friday night shift of 10pm to 1am sitting with Don Zorcon.
  In service,
  Lady Mary of Axefoot

  Since I'll be your head troll for Defender this year, I'll be starting the 
weekly begging for volunteers to take troll shifts. It's the wrong time of 
day for me to be alive, so the begging will be short this time. If anyone 
would like to take a shift, please email me at lordgundy at charter.net. I'll 
also have the sheet at the business meetings and hopefully populaces.

Here's the schedule as of 7/8/07:

4pm – 7pm Devin
7pm – 10 pm

10pm – 1am Zorcon

1am – 4am Tareija
4am – 7am

7am – 10am

10am – 1pm

1pm – 3pm

Gundy Sweinbrothar
I don't have to outrun the dragon, I just have to outrun you! 

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